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Centre for Biodiversity Policy and Law

Centre for Biodiversity

Centre for Biodiversity Policy

Centre for Biodiversity Policy and Law


Government of India in collaboration with the Norwegian Government has established a “Centre for Biodiversity Policy and Law (CEBPOL)” in the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA), Chennai, to develop professional expertise in biodiversity policies and laws and develop capacity building. This Centre is focusing on biodiversity policies and laws that cater to the needs of national and international rule-making and subsequent implementation on issues of biodiversity.

Activities of CEBPOL

  • Collect, collate, analyse and disseminate information relating to biodiversity policy and law at regional,
    national and international levels
  • Execute short and long-term training courses and sensitisation programmes on biodiversity policies and laws for various target groups including natural resource managers, administrators, decision makers, civil society, media representatives, scientific community, judiciary, academicians and elected public representatives.
  • Engage consultants, policy analysts, legal experts and interns on both short-term and long-term basis for providing professional inputs in the training, research, education, analysis and awareness activities of the CEBPOL.
  • Prepare for the Government of India, country position papers on various aspects relating to biodiversity polices and law for international meetings and negotiations.
  • Establish appropriate linkages with other similar centres / institutions, both nationally and internationally, for developing collaborative programmes and academic exchange in furtherance of the objectives of CEBPOL.