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Centre for Biodiversity Policy and Law

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Establish a Centre of excellence focusing on biodiversity law and policy that caters to the needs of national and international rule-making and subsequent implementation on issues of biodiversity.

Goals of the Centre

  • To provide professional support, advice and expertise to the Government of India and Norway on a sustained basis on matters relating to biodiversity policies and laws at the national level, as well as in international negotiations relating to biodiversity in multilateral forums.
  • To develop professional expertise in biodiversity related policies and laws, inter alia through encouragement of research, development and training in matters relating to Convention on Biological Diversity, as well as its interface with other multilateral environmental agreements and United Nations bodies.
  • To develop and implement an array of capacity building programmes through multidisciplinary research and customise training programmes for a wide range of stakeholders focusing on human resource development.
  • To facilitate interactive information sharing through web conferencing, web seminars and virtual meetings involving relevant research centres and environmental law associations within India, Norway and other countries where such expertise is available.
  • To help develop India as a regional and international resource Centre for Biodiversity Policy and Law through provision of training and human resource development