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National Biodiversity Authority
(An Autonomous and Statutory Body of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India)

a. Workshop on Nagoya Protocol - Access and Benefit Sharing and Traditional Knowledge Digital Library for ASEAN, East Asian and South Asian countries.

NBA has proposed to organize a 3-4 days capacity building workshop on “Nagoya protocol” during early 2012 for the ASEAN, East Asian and South Asian countries to share India’s experiences relating to ABS and traditional knowledge. The overall objective of the workshop will be “to train senior level policy makers on issues of ABS and TK for an effective implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on ABS as well as engage in effective implementation of national ABS provisions for sustainable development in India and ASEAN regions”.

b. Cooperation between ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) and National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) [2012-2013]

The NBA has proposed to collaborate with ACB for strategic, programmatic, institutional and long term cooperation on biodiversity related issues. The broad areas of cooperation suggested between the ACB and NBA includes:

  1. Building human resource and institutional capacities of ASEAN member states on issues of biodiversity governance, information management and use on biodiversity, biodiversity policy development and implementation, biodiversity law.
  2. Strengthening capacities of ASEAN member states on issues of MEA negotiations, implementation and compliance issues through developing structured training programmes, workshops, staff exchanges and fellowship programmes.
  3. Establishing an India-ASEAN biodiversity science-policy interface initiative.
  4. Supporting the strengthening of ACB and Centres for excellence in the region to focus and work on issues of biodiversity, poverty reduction, mainstreaming and adaptation programmes.
  5. Initiating a special programme in preparation for CBD COP 11 and follow – up for implementing the CBD COP decisions and
  6. Strengthening institutional cooperation through establishing ‘twinning’ institutions on issues of biodiversity information management (including traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources), access to genetic resources and benefit sharing (ABS), biosafety and biodiversity law and policy development.

C. ASEAN - INDIA Ministerial Meeting on Environment with focus on Biodiversity

India has also proposed to organize a Ministerial meeting and a special meeting between high level officials of Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India and the ASEAN Senior Level Officials Forum. The ASEAN Ministerial Meeting will focus on COP 11 agenda, areas of mutual cooperation to further strengthening and implementation of joint programmers.

ASEAN-INDIA Capacity Building Workshop on Access and Benefit Sharing andTraditional Knowledge, 17th September 2012 - Report

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