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National Biodiversity Authority
(An Autonomous and Statutory Body of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India)
Functional Committees

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Sl.No Name of the Expert Committee Chairperson
No. of Members
1. Expert Committee on Agro Biodiversity. Chairman
Dr. R. S. Rana
Co - Chairman
Dr. Krishnakumar

2. Expert Committee on Normally Traded Commodities. Chairman
Shri. C. Achalender Reddy, IFS
Co - Chairman
Dr. B. S. Prakash
3. Expert Committee on Access and Benefit Sharing. Chairman
Dr. R. V. Varma
Co - Chairman
Shri. K.S. Sugara, IFS (Retd.)

4. Expert Committee on Medicinal Plants Chairman
Smt. Amarjeet Ahuja, IAS (Retd.)
Co - Chairman
Dr. G.A. Kinhal, IFS

5. Expert Committee to examine Biological Diversity Rules, user country measures under Nagoya Protocol and  develop sector specific guidelines on ABS Chairman
Shri. A. K. Goyal, IFS (Retd.)
Co - Chairman
Shri. C. Achalender Reddy, IFS