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( implemented by ACB, Manila & NBA, Chennai )
Capacity Building towards Implementing the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing,
the City Biodiversity Index and the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity”

theme / components

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Sl.No. Components Activities & Outputs
1 Supported AMS-India on Implementation of Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing
  1. Conduct of in-depth regional training on development/implementation of ABS legal framework (c/o NBA)
  2. Implement regional capacity building workshop on Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) development and Management in India (c/o NBA)
  3. Conduct TKDL fellowship for 10 AMS in India and lecture on technical and legal seminar on TKDL (c/o NBA)
  4. Provide national seminars on TKDL in at least 5 AMS (c/o NBA)
  5. Implement regional capacity building workshop on intellectual property rights and biodiversity (c/o ACB)
  6. Publish information materials for and from the workshops, training, and fellowship on ABS (c/o NBA and ACB); and
  7. Conduct workshop on community ABS practices in AMS and India (c/o ACB).
2 Increased awareness of the city officials on the importance and value of urban biodiversity conservation.
  1. Hold conference on urban biodiversity conservation with partners (c/o ACB).
3 Capacity Building on Achieving the Aichi Targets
  1. Conduct workshops on 6th National Report (6NR) presentation (c/o ACB).
  2. Pilot 6NR Reporting tool in at least 5 AMS; and (c/o ACB).
  3. Implement regional workshop on NBSAP updating  (c/o ACB).